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Brandon Merrill:

Brandon Merrill is an American actress, modern, and film five stars. She was born in Colorado USA, and lived raised in Wyoming on an estate.

Her period and date of birth aren’t understand that. She accessed the film in film industry in the 2000 s and the release of” Shanghai Noon” tagged her debut.

Earlier she starred in numerous announcements and commercials for companies similar as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Vogue, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Her” romantic” appearance is what formed her stand out from different moderated. Subsequently for this case of pregnancy, Brandon plays the piece of a normal Indian woman in her one and only movie,” Shanghai Noon”.

She lived also an outstanding party in a many print advertising juggernauts. She gained more attention and celebrity from her look the Cheyenne Rodeo in Wyoming and was known a famed rodeo winner. She’s a winner rodeo athlete in addition to her dramatics and modeling careers. She has not showed up in any news stories or pictures in the times after 2000


Merrill is a well-known model and actress from the United States. Since 2000, she has been solving in the entertainment film industry. Therefore Shanghai Noon tagged her debut in the new film industry.

Likewise, she had been point in magazines similar as Abercrombie & Fitch’s schedule, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. While showing up on the Cheyenne Rodeo in W, Magazine, she gained fame and concentrate. Her work can be viewe in print postings for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and others.


This highlights the wiki and bio of an American actress, modernist, and social media individualism named Brandon Merrill. She’s understood for her part in the movie ‘Shanghai Noon’ in 2000; Brandon Merrill entered the film new film industry as an actress and model. Besides appearing in well-known magazines, she has also been feature in registers from Abercrombie & Fitch and Vogue.

She instead came given to the public after being highlight in a theme about the Cheyenne Rodeo in “W” magazine. Latterly, she was subscribe by DNA Models and appeared in print advertisements for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. And The Limited, as smoothly as in magazines similar as “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair.”

Brandon Merrill is an American actress and moderate who formed her drama debut for a film termed, ‘Shanghai Noon’ in 2000. Born on, Brandon hails from Wyoming, Wyoming, United States. As in 2022. Brandon Merrill‘s time is N/A. tab below for further diets about Brandon Merrill. This view will put a light upon the Brandon Merrill bio, wiki, and time, birthday. In family member details, affairs, difficulties, surname, height, weight, rumors, less- known data, and more.


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She was stated on a Ranch in Wyoming

Born in Colorado, Brandon Merrill was raise on a grange in Wyoming. The United States by her parents Larry Paul Harmon (papa) and Daphne Demar (mama). Her right birth time is still slippery to the media still; she was around 22 times old when she starred in the movie Shanghai Noon.

By fix, Brandon could be in her primitive 40 s which means she was born someday in 1980. In sum up while important about her early life, siblings, and different family members aren’t understand, she’s told to be of multi-racial strain and maybe an American Indian.

Who’s Brandon Merrill?

Brandon Merrill is a former American actress and style model understood for doing part in the moving picture Shanghai Noon in 2000 as Indian woman.
Besides this, she captured the nation’s immersion when she got accented in a many magazines and bills.
Also, she had taken countersign deals with trademarks like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. She has accented in print announcement juggernauts and bills from these supposed brands.

Primal Life of Brandon Merrill

Brandon Merrill was born in the 1970s in Colorado and existed raised on a estate in Wyoming, United State of America.
Her dad is Larry Paul Harmon and her mama is Daphne Demar Caravegeli.
Away from this, Merrill has not uncloaked any data beholding her youth and family ground. In fact, she has not exposed anything about her education.
still, we can accept the education position at that time.
Most likely, she’d have oversaw a domestic academy for her introductory education and later would have tracked her stage career.


Brandon was working in the entertainment new film industry in the primitive 2000s as a model and actress. She did on to frontal several magazines and inked countersign deals with top trademarks like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Also, she made her pictures debut in the action funny film Shanghai Noon which was say to be a marketable success.

Although her personal life makes it tough to place her proper net worth, it has been assess to be at least$ 2 million. Her only movie appearance Shanghai Noon conforming to sources grossed$99.3 million against the original budget of$ 55.


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